The Rag issue 3

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Anarcha-feminist magazine

Getting Active
Islam and feminism
Domestic labour
Feminists as trans allies
Plus more inside

The front cover shows a clase-up of the Molly Malone statue. While there are many statues of famous men on the main streets of Dublin's city centre, there are none of historical women. The well-known bronze statue of Molly Malone at the bottom of Grafton Street represents, not a real woman, but a character from the song of the same name, about an 18th century street trader. Also known as "The Tart with the Cart " , she wheels her wheelbarrow and flaunts her wares for the passlng tourists. Mean-while the existence of Dublin's actual women street-traders is threat-ened, with trading laws and rising licence fees, as well as the upcoming "redevelopment: of the Moore Street trading area. The photograph was inspired by one taken fer the Feminist Walking Totur of Dublin booklet , which RAG and Choice Ireland co-organised in March 2008.

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