Language and politics

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Noam Chomsky.
Edited by C.P. Otero.

An enormous chronological collection of over 50 interviews conducted with Chomsky beginning with his from 1968 discussion of the US war on Vietnam and ending soon after the appearance of his best-selling book, 9-11, and the start of America's "War On Terror." Many of the pieces have never appeared in any other collection, some have never appeared in English, and more than one has been suppressed. The interviews add a personal dimension to the full breadth of Chomsky's impressive written canon—equally covering his analysis in linguistics, philosophy, and politics. The discussions of the ideas and conclusions of Plato, Galileo, Descartes, Marx, Rocker, Freud, Skinner, and Keynes, among others, are balanced with insightful, principled critiques of the small cadre of international madmen who attempt to wrestle freedom and power away from us. This expanded edition contains 50 pages of brand new interviews. This updated, annotated, fully indexed new edition contains an extensive bibliography, as well as an introduction by editor Carlos Otero on the relationship between Chomsky's language and politics. "For those who know [Chomsky] only as media analyst and critic of foreign policy, this wide-ranging book offers glimpses of his studies on language, anarchist theory, and critiques of radical politics."—NACLA Carlos Otero, who also edited Chomsky's Radical Priorities, teaches linguistics at the University of California at Los Angeles.

Akpress, Oakland 2004
802 págs. Rústica 23x15 cm
ISBN 978-1-902593-82-1

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